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Anthropology Alumni Celebrate Reunion

June 19, 2017

More than 20 Anthropology Alumni attended Reunion Weekend June 8-11, 2017.  All accounts indicate that Reunion was a great success with fantastic weather, time to reconnect with friends, and opportunities to explore campus and the local area.  

Anthropology Professors Fred Gleach and Vilma Santiago-Irizarry hosted an open house of the Anthropology Collections on Friday, June 9.  More than 30 alumni and friends attended this event.

Check out some Reunion Weekend highlights from Lee Evans '07, Bryan Maule '02, Peggy Ramin '12, and Don Juran '62.  

Additional information and Reunion memories can be found at


Lee Evans '07

It was so nice to be back in Ithaca (especially in the summer). The best part, unsurprisingly, was reconnecting with friends and classmates, some of whom I hadn't seen in person since graduating 10 years ago. And with friends I still see regularly, it was rejuvenating to be back on campus reminiscing.

We visited our few remaining Collegetown favorites (CTB, Rulloff's), toured Ithaca brewery, and wandered campus. The tent party on the arts quad was a blast once again.

Looking forward to getting back up to Ithaca again sometime--hopefully well before the next reunion comes around. 

Photo provided by Lee Evans '07

Photo provided by Lee Evans '07


Bryan A. Maule, Jr. '02

This was my first time officially back on campus in 15 years…Definitely worth the experience in coming back to reunite with friends and make new ones, both personal and professional. 

I enjoyed the open houses and hidden gems of campus…finally being able to explore with having to rush from North campus to Central campus to get to class on time.  

I'm proud to see the campus change with all the resources available to the new student body.  Being of a more mature mindset, seeing the new and old features of campus, made me realize some things that you take for granted as a young student on such a beautiful campus.

l never really realized how far I walked each day going from dorm to various buildings on campus for class and then back to the dorm.  That’s probably a good thing since I enjoyed the food at the dining hall so much because it tasted so good.


Photo provided by Bryan Maule Jr. '02

Photo provided by Bryan Maule '02


Peggy Ramin '12

I miss everything about Cornell – mainly the beauty of the campus and of Ithaca, living with all of my best friends in one place, and all the amazing opportunities I was afforded as a student, like attending talks with compelling visiting speakers and taking classes with professors who were so passionate about their disciplines.

I loved being back on North campus and pretending I was a freshman again, walking around the Arts Quad on a perfect Ithaca day (the weather was definitely cooperating!), sitting at the top of the slope to look at the lake, and of course eating at CTB multiple times. It was an amazing weekend!

Group photo provided by Peggy Ramin '12

Photo provided by Peggy Ramin '12


Don Juran ‘62

I had a great time indeed at Reunion, not the least of which was the archaeological exhibit at McGraw, deftly interpreted by Fred Gleach.  

This was the first time (at least since 1987, my first Reunion) that my class was housed on West Campus, and I would like to know how Libe Slope came to be twice as steep as it used to be.



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