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Anthropology Professors Awarded Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants

May 17, 2016


Two faculty-led projects from the Department of Anthropology were awarded Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum grants. 

The first project, "An Anthropology Curriculum for Teaching lntercultural Engagement," will focus on the development of three innovative co-meeting courses as gateways to global learning.  Anthropology Department project members Adam T. Smith, Stacey Langwick, Viranjini Munasinghe, and Sofia Villenas will partner with Elliot Shapiro and Darlene Evans from the John S. Knight Institute to levere anthropological skills in fieldwork alongside the Knight lnstitute's expertise in writing. Students will gain the ability to foster collaborative relationships across multiple lines of difference. The project design encourages peer mentoring. Learning outcomes will center on developing intercultural competence, enhancing integrative learning skills, and providing strategies for understanding through critical reflection. 

Davydd J. Greenwood, Goldwin Smith Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, was also awarded an ICC grant for his project  "Documenting the Impact of Active Immersion on Intercultural Learning in Cornell-in-Seville."  ​The CASA-Seville curriculum was modified recently with active pedagogy and 360-degree mentoring to treat students as reflective authors of their own intercultural learning. By completing a Common Framework for Language, Society, and Culture, and conducting a longitudinal survey of students to assess program impacts, the project will generate findings useful for configuring programs for active cultural immersion, enhancing educational outcomes, and evaluating life impacts. 

“The goal of the ICC grant program is to support innovative faculty-led initiatives that will expand opportunities for international experiences by Cornell students,” says David R. Lee, provost’s fellow for internationalization and International Professor in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

There are many ways this can be accomplished: through expanding on-campus course offerings, integrating international learning experiences into new and existing courses, enhancing language study and study abroad opportunities, and otherwise engaging students in high-impact global learning.

“We want to encourage the creativity and innovation of Cornell faculty in a way that benefits students,” Lee says.

Faculty who receive grant awards are encouraged to participate in an ICC learning community, project development working sessions, and other workshops—provided in collaboration with the Center for Teaching Excellence, Cornell Abroad, Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Engaged Learning and Research, Language Resource Center, and others.

Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum grants, an opportunity provided through the Global Cornell Initiative, are administered jointly by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, and Cornell Abroad, with support from the Internationalization Council.

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