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Department of Anthropology

Cornell University Cornell University Cornell Univeristy Department of Anthropology


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Anthropology Faculty

Department Members

  • Adam Clark Arcadi, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Chimpanzee social behavior, primate behavioral ecology and conservation, hominid evolution
  • Robert Ascher, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
  • Jonathan Boyarin, Thomas and Dianne Mann Professor of Jewish Studies and Professor of Anthropology  Jewish ethnography, East European Jewish culture, migration, comparative diaspora, collective memory, politics of identity, textuality and orality, temporalities
  • Jane Fajans, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    The anthropology of food, symbolic anthropology, work, personhood, Melanesia, Oceania, Brazil, Portugal
  • Magnus Fiskesjö, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Historical and political anthropology, autonomy and dependence, ethnicity and ethnonymy in interethnic relations, cultural heritage, archaeology, museums and modernity, China, East and Southeast Asia
  • Chris Garces, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    Political anthropology, anthropology of Christianity, humanitarian rhetoric and practice, the critique of saintly ethics, colonial-era monasteries, contemporary prisons, French social thought, Andean Latin America, Western Europe, the United States.
  • Frederic Gleach, Senior Lecturer and Curator of the Anthropology Collections
    Historical anthropology and history of anthropology; material and visual culture; museum studies; tourism; warfare; religion; Native North America, Puerto Rico, Cuba
  • Davydd Greenwood, Goldwin Smith Professor of Anthropology
    Action research, industrial democracy, program evaluation; political economy, universities as work organizations; Spain (Basque Country, La Mancha)
  • John Henderson, Professor of Anthropology
    Archaeology; emergence of social stratification and states; settlement archaeology, household archaeology; identity; history and archaeology; writing, iconography; Mesoamerica, Olmec, Maya
  • David Holmberg, Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies
    Sociocultural anthropology; ethnographic practice and writing; ritual, myth, and social organization; culture and power; ethnicity; shamanism; Buddhism; Himalayan cultures and societies; South Asia
  • Saida Hodzic, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Medical Anthropology, Feminism, NGOs, Violence; Ghana, Africa
  • Billie Jean Isbell, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
    Andean region of South America, ethnography and fiction, the Slow Food Movement, innovative technologies for teaching; and issues of global development
  • Kurt A. Jordan, Associate Professor of Anthropology and American Indian Studies
    Iroquois Archaeology and History; Historical Archaeology of Indigenous Peoples; Political Economy; Colonialism, Cultural Entanglement, and Indigenous Autonomy; Shell Bead Wampum, Red Pipestone and Red Slate
  • Bernd Lambert, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
  • Stacey Langwick, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Anthropology of medicine, healing and the body, African ethnography, Postcolonial science studies, Anthropology of knowledge/materiality, Ontological Politics, Cultural and feminist theory. Tanzania.
  • Kathryn March, Professor of Anthropology and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Asian Studies
    Sociocultural anthropology, gender, narrative, social change, life histories, ethnohistory, Nepal, Himalayas, Tibet
  • Hirokazu Miyazaki, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    The anthropology of knowledge, risk, trust, hope, utopia and anti-utopia, materiality, evidence, economic anthropology, social studies of finance, philosophical anthropology, historical anthropology, anthropology of religion, Christianity, gifts and exchange, Fiji, Japan, U.S.
  • Viranjini Munasinghe, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Ethnicity, race, nationalism, transnationalism, diaspora, hybridity and creolization; Caribbean region, Asian American studies, ethnic studies, postcolonial theory, anthropological theory and historical anthropology
  • Paul Nadasdy, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    The anthropology of North American Indians and the circumpolar North, the anthropology of science and knowledge, environmental/ecological anthropology, the relationship between indigenous peoples and the State, ethnography of the State, the politics of wildlife management, political economy, property and ownership, and the study of hunting societies
  • Lucinda Ramberg, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Sexuality, Gender, Religion, Power; South India, United States.
  • Annelise Riles, Jack G. Clarke Professor of Far East Legal Studies and Professor of Anthropology
    The anthropology of the State, Institutional Knowledge Practices, Legal Elites, Anthropology of Finance, Property regimes, Non-Governmental Organizations, Social Movements, International Institutions, Epistemological Issues in Anthropology and the Anthropology of Epistemology; Aesthetics; Relationship between Theory and Ethnography; Ethnography of Formalism and Pragmatism, Fiji, Japan, China, the United States.
  • Nerissa Russell, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Old World archaeology, eastern Europe, Anatolia, Neolithic, zooarchaeology, bone tools, gender archaeology, human-animal relations
  • James Siegel, Retired Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies
    Southeast Asian studies, political anthropology, cultural studies
  • Meredith Small, Professor of Anthropology
    Biological anthropology; biology/culture interaction; human behavioral biology; parenting; primate behavior
  • Steven Sangren, Professor of Anthropology
    Socio-cultural anthropology, religion and ritual, gender, psychoanalysis, practice, China and Taiwan
  • Vilma Santiago-Irizarry, Associate Professor in Anthropology and Latino Studies
    Institutional culture, language, law and medicine, ethnoracial identity, methods, dance and human movement, Latino/as, United States and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean
  • Adam T. Smith, Professor of Anthropology
    Complex Societies, State Formation, and Politics; Archaeological Theory; Space and Landscape; Representation and Aesthetics; Bronze and Iron Ages of the South Caucasus, Southwest Asia and Central Eurasia
  • Robert Smith, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
  • Yohko Tsuji, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
    Sociocultural Aanthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Aging, Family, Mortuary Rituals, Conception of Time, Social Change; US, Japan, Thailand
  • Terence Turner, Professor of Anthropology
    Social anthropology, political anthropology, symbolic forms; South America
  • Thomas Volman, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Human origins, stone age archaeology, southern Africa, lithic analysis
  • Sofia Villenas, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Anthropology of education, critical race studies, educational equity and social movement, multiculturalism, Women of Color feminist thought, Latina mothers, narrative, Latina/o diaspora communities; United States.
  • Marina Welker, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    Corporations and capitalism, international development, extractive industry, tobacco industry, business education, Indonesia, USA
  • Andrew Willford, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Ethnicity; nationalism, globalization; psychoanalysis; religious revivalism; Malaysia; India

Members of the Field Of Anthropology Outside of the Department

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  • Sherene Baugher, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture
    Historical archaeology; Research interests: historical archaeology; urban archaeology; North American archaeology
  • Jere D. Haas, Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal and Child Nutrition in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, College of Human Ecology
  • Kenneth A. R. Kennedy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Sturt W. Manning, Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology, Department of Classics
  • David L. Pelletier, Associate Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences
  • Gretel Pelto, Graduate Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences
  • Rachel Prentice, Associate Professor, Science & Technology Studies
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