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Featured Undergraduate Major: Olivia Stanley '17

April 26, 2017

Why did you major in Anthropology?

I chose to major in Anthropology because I was interested in learning about the world from a variety of perspectives; I wanted to challenge and think critically about my views, beliefs, and biases regarding society and culture.

I have learned from my peers as well as professors in each Anthropology class I have taken at Cornell and have never been disappointed in the novel and thought-provoking dialogues that have arisen and that I feel fortunate to have participated in.


What activities did you enjoy outside of the classroom? 

I have enjoyed being part of the Red Carpet Ambassadors and being part of the Club Gymnastics team at Cornell.

Some of my best memories during my Cornell experience were when I lived abroad in Seville, Spain where I stayed with a host family the entire semester. I was learning in a completely different way than I usually do at Cornell as I was actively trying to understand a different culture and find my place within it.


What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I am moving to New York City to work as an incoming Strategy & Operations Business Analyst at Deloitte.


What do you think you will miss most about Cornell after graduation?

I think I will miss the seemingly endless knowledge and insight that the people and professors at Cornell possess. I never fail to learn something new in every class I attend here.



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