Anthropology Graduate Students

Current Students


humanitarian aid, middle east, refugees, migration, immigrants, infrastructure, asylum seekers, bureaucracy, NGOs

sociocultural anthropology | urban governance and transformation, economic crisis, participation, infrastructure

migration, kinship, identity, belonging, diaspora, Caribbean

Archaeology of the South Caucasus and ancient Near East; Prehistory; Ritual, Religion, and Ideology; Landscape History and Place-Making

Archaeology; Indigenous Communities; Northeastern North America; Refugees

critical medical anthropology, science and technology studies, East Africa

Environmental Archaeology, Paleoecology, Archaeobotany, Agriculture, Mountain Ecology, Archaeology of the Caucasus 


Imperialism, Mesoamerica, GIS methods


critical heritage studies, material culture, visual anthropology, gender in Southeast Asia

Agriculture, multispecies relations, late/post-socialism, Vietnam, China


Caribbean, migration, identity, violence, healing, belief systems

Socio-cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Finance, Temporality, Futurity

religiosity; mining and extractive capitalism; NGO and non-profit development; environment and sustainability; adivasis history and politics; toxicity; infrastructure; India

race, ethnicity, sexuality, queerness, urban anthropology, neoliberalism, Sinophone studies, Malay world, Southeast Asia, Singapore


migration and mobility, labor, citizenship and belonging, gender, urban anthropology, Nepal, Malaysia


Nationalism, memory, Jewish Studies, Israel Studies, ethnicity



Material culture studies, Indigenous studies, Historical anthropology, North America, human-animal-environmental relations


Anthropology of music, diasporic music, Shan 

Migration, Labor, South Asia, Visual Methods 

Historical and political anthropology, visual anthropology, nationalism, ethnicity and identify, Southeast Asia

socio-cultural, queerness, gender and sexuality, caste, desires, humiliation 


indigeneity, ethnicity, nationalism, borderness, bureaucracy, and settler colonialism in East Asia

socio-cultural anthropology, Asia

disasters, time and temporality, water and energy, earthquakes, avalanches, risk and uncertainty, infrastructure, memory work, climate change, climate science, environmental anthropology, science and technology studies, visual ethnography, Himalayan Studies 

material culture, critical heritage, Jewish ethnography, Iberia, diaspora, ritual studies, water

urban anthropology, digital ethnography, violence, belonging, abjection


environment; agriculture; water


Bronze Age, ancient Near East and South Caucasus, archaeological chronology, radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology, Bayesian chronological modeling, time and temporality 

anthropology of technology, money, and entrepreneurship; blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies; South Korea

Archaeology, Mesoamerica, Paleoethnobotany, Religion


Halal Economy; Anthropology of Islam; Tourism and Development; Marketing and Advertising; Bureaucracy; Indonesia 

Sociocultural anthropology, historical anthropology, comparative research

anthropological archaeology, northeastern North America, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) archaeology and history, systems of exchange, material culture studies

socio-cultural, humanitarianism, gender and sexuality,  LGBTI asylum, Middle East

Socio-cultural anthropology, Political violence, Anthropology of the state, Law, India 

Environmental justice; settler colonialism; American Indian and Indigenous studies; social movements; visual anthropology

paleoethnobotany, Bronze Age Ritual, Commensality, Cypriot Archaeology, Near Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology.

bronze age, middle east, bioarchaeology

Socio-cultural, West- Africa, Gender, Performance, Rituals, Decolonization 

Sociocultural Anthropology, indigenous Identity, Settler State, North America

urban anthropology, austerity, care, queerness, labor, Latin America

Archaeology of the South Caucasus, Bronze Age, Social Zooarchaeology, Mobility, Pastoralism, Isotopes

nationalism, Afro-Asia, Japan, Black America, transnational, cultural exports

Bioarchaeology, Andes, Inca imperialism, migration, stable isotopes

medical anthropology, postcolonialism, multispecies ethnography, mestizo shamanism, drug policy, psychedelic medicine

Statler Hall & Auditorium

sociocultural anthropology, higher education, admissions, access, opportunity