Books and Academic Publications

March 11, 2019


Wild Chimpanzees: Social Behavior of An Endangered Species

By Adam Clark Arcadi


The Future of Bangalore’s Cosmopolitan Pasts: Civility and Difference in a Global City

By Andrew Willford



“The Muddy Semiotics of Mud”  

Luisa Cortesi, The Journal of Political Ecology 


“‘Beyoncé and Her Husband’: Representing Infidelity and Kinship in a Black Marriage” 

Oneka LaBennett, “Black Marriage” issue of differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies


A POLITICS OF HABITABILITY: Plants, Healing, and Sovereignty in a Toxic World 

Stacey Langwick, Cultural Anthropology


Agricultural origins on the Anatolian plateau  

Nerissa Russell (with Douglas Baird, Andrew S. Fairbairn, Emma Jenkins,Louise Martin, Caroline Middleton, Jessica A. Pearson, Eleni Asouti, Yvonne H. Edwards, Ceren Kabukcu, Gökhan Mustafaoğlu, Ofer Bar-Yosef, Geraldine Jacobsen, Xiaohong Wu, Ambroise G. Baker, and Sarah Elliott). 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 


A New Chronological Model for the Bronze and Iron Age Caucasus

Sturt Manning, Adam Smith, Lori Khatchadourian, Ruben Badalyan, Ian Lindsay, Alan Greene, and Maureen Marshall 



Open sepulchers and closed boundaries? Biodistance analysis of cemetery structure and postmarital residence in the late prehispanic Andes.

Matthew Velasco, American Journal of Physical Anthropology


The architecture of cigarette circulation: marketing work on Indonesia's retail infrastructure

Marina Welker, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 






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