Business & Economy

For those with interests in business, finance, and the economy, anthropology both increases understanding of other cultures in ways helpful for international transactions and negotiations, and supplies an incisive analysis of the corporate world and economic systems. Anthropology is also a deeply collaborative form of knowledge, hence this pathway offers opportunities to interact with professionals and appreciate them as thoughtful actors in a globalizing and interconnecting world.

Majoring in Anthropology via the Business & Economy Pathway:

Sociocultural requirement:

  • Anthr 1400 The Comparison of Cultures OR
  • Anthr 2440 Anthropology of Money

Archaeological requirement:

  • Anthr 1200 Ancient Peoples and Places

Biological requirement:

  • Anthr 1300 Human Evolution: Genes, Behavior, and the Fossil Record
  • Anthr 3000 Introduction to Anthropological Theory

2 of the following 3000 level courses:

  • Anthr 3026 Inequality and the Global Economy;
  • Anthr 3406 Gifts and Exchange;
  • Anthr 3426 Economic Anthropology;

2 of the following 4000-level courses

  • Anthr 4419 Anthropology of Corporations
  • Anthr 4419 Anthropology of Corporations
  • Anthr 4437 Development, Humanitarianism, and the Will to Improve;

8 credits of electives that could include any of the 3000-level courses above or

  • Anthr 2472 Engaging Other Cultures:
  • Other courses from Anthropology or other units with departmental approval.
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