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David Pelletier


David Pelletier

Savage Hall, Room 212

Educational Background

PhD, 1984 - Pennsylvania State University, Anthropology
MA, 1979 - Pennsylvania State University, Anthropology
BA, 1977 -  University of Arizona, Anthropology
BS, 1977 -  University of Arizona, Biology


My interests relate to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of nutrition policy in developed and developing countries.  I approach this work from a transdisciplinary, engaged and problem-oriented perspective, in which the key research questions and choice of methods emerges in the course of engaging with policy and program actors at global, national or sub-national levels.  This approach is guided by robust theoretical frameworks and ensures that the research is responsive to real-world concerns and more likely to be understood, valued and used by those responsible for policies and programs.


nutrition policy, policy analysis, policy development, implementation science, malnutrition, maternal and child nutrition, global health 


  • Anthropology


Research Interests: Improved methods for nutrition policy analysis and development; mainstreaming nutrition in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Vietnam and Bangladesh; the Whole Community Project for addressing childhood obesity (Ithaca/Tompkins County); policy commitment for addressing the dual-burden of malnutrition in Nigeria; barriers and innovations in nutrition program implementation in Mozambique and Bolivia; development and testing of a micronutrient program assessment tool; evaluation and strengthening of the World Vision mobile clinic program in Haiti; strengthening strategic capacity and adaptive management in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia and Uganda; and evaluating policy advocacy in seven SE Asian countries.