Ethnographic Film Theory and History

December 4, 2020

ANTHR 4424

Day/time: M 4:30pm - 8:30pm

Mode: In person

Instructor: Natasha Raheja

This seminar explores the history and theory of ethnographic film. Keeping in mind broader issues of cross-cultural representation, we consider the evolution of ethnographic film as a genre for representing “reality”, embodied practices, and anthropological concepts. Students will examine ethnographic authority, the production of otherness, and the sensory dimensions of knowledge production. The course charts out various approaches to ethnographic film, ranging from the mobilization of the camera as a tool for storytelling, scientific record and analysis, empowerment and political advocacy, and arts and aesthetics. We will theorize the role and status of ethnographic film as a signifying practice, form of meaningmaking, and mode of anthropological theory building. We will pay close attention to the ethical and political concerns of cross-cultural communication and representation. 

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