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Giving Day is Here!

March 12, 2017

The Department of Anthropology is excited to celebrate Giving Day on March 14th.  We hope alumni, parents, and friends will consider supporting Anthropology with a gift on this special day.  Donations to the department support faculty and students with anthropological training and experiences in the classroom, in the Collections, at our events, and in the field.  Thank you to all who support our department and help to make the Cornell Anthropology network so strong.  It mean so much to current and future students.
"It is difficult to look at the world today and not conclude that we need to train more students in anthropology," said Adam T. Smith, Chair of the Department of Anthropology.  The Department of Anthropology is committed to cultivating in our students the capacity to navigate cross-cultural encounters, to advance human understanding, and to help solve problems locally and globally. 
Giving Day is a great opportunity for the Cornell Anthropology community to come together in support of our mission.  “Since giving day began in 2015, we've seen a steady increase in both alumni engagement with the department and philanthropic giving. On behalf of both our students and faculty, I want to thank our alumni for their support on giving day and throughout the year," said Smith.
All gifts, in any amount, will make a difference. Listed below are a few examples of how a gift could benefit Anthropology at Cornell:
A gift of $60 can allow two of our undergraduates to join the American Anthropological Association and experience anthropology as it is practiced nationally;
A gift of $100 would supply a digital microscope for the Anthropology Collections allowing students and researchers to peer more deeply into humanity’s material past;
A gift of $180 can send a student across upstate New York to document the social and cultural impacts of the region’s shifting economy;
A gift of $660 can send 4 undergraduate students on a field trip to New York City where they can examine first hand archaeological materials that detail humanity’s past;
A gift of $1,000 can send a graduate student into the field to conduct the anthropological research that will help the next generation of students to better understand our changing world.
Visit our Department link to support Anthropology on Giving Day.  Thank you for helping to make the Cornell Anthropology network and community strong.