Minoring in Anthropology: Erin Grohe '19

March 20, 2019

Erin Grohe '19 is majoring in Human Development in the College of Human Ecology, and minoring in Anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences.


What inspired you to minor in Anthropology?  Do you have a specific area of interest? Why is this work important?

Anthropology provides a wholistic framework for understanding our world. It is not only a field of study, but a school of thought. The work of anthropology impacts small towns and urban centers alike. Anthropology illuminates our commonalities and honors our differences. It teaches us how to live in harmony and makes us question our existence. It helps us not only learn more about others, but about ourselves.


Was there a particular faculty member or class that influenced you the most? If so, how?

Professor Magnus Fiskejö opened my eyes to the scope and power of anthropology and anthropological thinking. I learned about feral children and wrote about my ancestral past. The course showed me the power of learning about culture and community, particularly as a Human Development major who had spent the vast majority of my career considering internal components of the human growth.

Since this first encounter with Anthropology in my freshman year, I have taken courses with Professor Oneka LaBennett, Professor Hirokazu Miyazaki, Professor Denise Green and Professor Saida Hodzic. Each professor teaches with intent and curiosity for their subject matter. This is one of my favorite aspects of anthropology: the passion each professor bears for their work. It in infectious and immediately evident in every course I've taken through the department.


Do you have any advice for students considering a minor in Anthropology?

Don't limit yourself! Anthropology is an incredibly expansive discipline, and there are so many enthralling course offerings to pick from. I have been lucky enough to take classes from a whole range of anthropological topics: from hope to hip hop and everything in between. Check out the course offering and a take everything and anything that excites you!


Erin Grohe posing with an elephant