Prinita Mukherjee receives Engaged Learning in Anthropology Scholarship

December 22, 2020

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce that Prinita Mukherjee was awarded an Engaged Learning in Anthropology Scholarship.  She will use funds from this scholarship to conduct research in Singapore for her honors thesis.  Prinita is a senior majoring in anthropology.  She describes her research project below:

My research project delves into the migrant experience of transnational South Asian male construction workers and Southeast Asian female domestic workers in Singapore. These workers are bound by the forces underpinning labor and its commodification, operating in a context of constant uncertainty. I will pose questions to investigate the ways in which their experiences of space and time undergo a fundamental shift, exploring themes such as identity politics and belonging, inter-ethnic relations and how the politics of exclusion uniquely affects the performance of these two genders, as well as their dynamic relationship with each other.

I strongly believe in the potential of the public sector to contribute to the overall fabric of society as it plays a key role in shaping cultural beliefs and practices. This project will equip me with the analytical tools required to pursue my goal of bridging communities in a career devoted to better meeting the needs of disenfranchised people.

Congratulations, Prinita!

February 2021 update from Prinita:  “Connecting with workers on the ground has been an inspiring part of my research process, and I am excited to continue collaborating with them. I am ever grateful to the Engaged Learning in Anthropology Scholarship for allowing me to share their stories in a meaningful way.”


The Engaged Learning in Anthropology Scholarship was established by an anonymous donor to support students who seek training in anthropological techniques or who would like to participate in anthropologically-oriented engaged learning opportunities.  The Department of Anthropology is grateful for these Scholarships and for the opportunities they've given to many students over the years for transformative research and life-changing experiences.   

Prinita Mukherjee