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Sabrina Papazian

CIAMS Visiting Scholar

Sabrina Papazian

Educational Background

Stanford University, Anthropology, M.A., Ph.D. 2019   University of Cambridge, Archaeology, M.Phil., 2013   Cornell University, Archaeology and History of Art, B.A., 2012


I am an archaeological ethnographer that focuses on the transnational management of cultural heritage in the South Caucasus. I am interested in how Soviet forms of heritage management counter, coincide, and overlap with modern frameworks of management. In particular, my years of research in Armenia have brought to the fore the social, political, and economic networks of relations that form through heritage governance, taking special focus on how the dynamics of neoliberalism and diplomacy affect heritage management. I also am currently developing research that traces how cultural institutes and programs contribute to the creation of new forms of socio-political relations between diasporic and homeland populations through the presentation, preservation, and dissemination of cultural heritage.


My teaching interests include global heritage, heritage management, and an examination of heritage in post-conflict realities


  • Archaeology Program
  • Anthropology