Virtual Anthropology Events

March 5, 2021

March 5:  Kathryn Mariner (University of Rochester) "Field, Interrupted"  

March 12:  Sofia Villenas (Cornell University)  "Pedagogy and the Imaginary in Everyday Social Movement: Notes on Ithaca, NY."  

March 26:  Dána-Ain Davis (The Graduate Center, CUNY)  "The Labor(s) of Reproduction: Doulas as Radical Birth Workers.​"  

April 9:  Rebekah Ciribassi (Cornell University)

April 16:  Savannah Shange (University of California, Santa Cruz) "Why Can’t We Learn African? Antiblackness & the Limits of Antiracism."

April 30:  Amade M'charek (University of Amsterdam) "Beach Encounters and Forensic Evidence: migrant death, colonial currents and the art of paying attention."

May 7:  Catherine Appert (Cornell University)

May 14:  Annie Sheng (Cornell University)

Klarman Hall at sunset