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Department of Anthropology

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Department of Anthropology

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Welcome to Cornell Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology at Cornell offers courses of Undergraduate and Graduate studies in Sociocultural and Biological Anthropology and Archaeology.

Sociocultural anthropology considers the social and cultural circumstances of all cultures, from dominant societies to marginalized groups. Archaeology recovers and interprets material traces of past societies and provides historical perspective on recent cultures. Biological anthropology clarifies aspects of the physical diversity of the human species, explores the human fossil record, and studies closely related primate species in comparison to humans.


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Welcome Back Students!

We are excited for the upcoming fall semester.  Here are a few ways to stay connected to the Department of Anthropology:  

  • Check out this link to learn about the interesting Anthropology related courses offered this semester.  
  • Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.  We have three Facebook paqes:  Cornell University Anthropology, Cornell University Collections, and Cornell Anthropology Exchange (for undergraduate students).
  • Email Liz Kirk to receive Department emails.
  • Join CAE (Cornell Anthropology Exchange) for any student interested in Anthropology. 
  • Join AGSA (Anthropology Graduate Student Association). 
  • Visit our website regularly to learn about Anthropology events and news.

Best wishes to our students and faculty for a wonderful semester. 

Faculty Books

Greenwood - Action Research

Action Research
Davydd J. Greenwood (Editor)

This book includes theoretical and historical overviews of action research, reflections on the writing process, narratives about the design and difficult internal processes of ACRES, and a selection of the participants’ writings.