Anthropology in the news: 23/24


Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫˀ Speakers Work to Restore Language Among Cornell, Nation Communities

Ithaca Times -- 03/07/2024

Kurt A. Jordan


Curtis Bay residents deserve a coal-free future

Baltimore Sun -- 02/18/2024

Chloe Ahmann


Twelve new Klarman Fellows to pursue innovative, timely research in A&S

A&S Communications -- 02/01/2024

Saida Hodžić


Armenian Cultural Heritage in Karabakh Threatened; Monitoring Group Calls on Baku for Assurances

Hetq -- 01/31/2024

Lori Khatchadourian, Adam T. Smith


Climate resilience: NSF-funded research to explore link between crisis and agriculture

BingUNews -- 01/18/2024

Matthew Velasco


Tackling the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Classroom

Inside Higher Ed -- 01/05/2024 and 2 other media outlets

Paul Kohlbry


Azerbaijan Escalates Attacks on Armenian Heritage Sites

HyperAllergic -- 12/27/2023

Lori Khatchadourian, Adam T. Smith


In India, computer typists embody ‘fuzzy’ nature of state borders

Cornell Chronicle -- 12/15/2023

Natasha Raheja


Beijing tightens its political grip on Hong Kong (audio)

NPR -- 12/08/2023 and 56 other media outlets

Magnus Fiskesjö


Netflix’s ‘Cigarette Girl’ Promotes Big Tobacco Interests in Indonesia

The Messenger -- 11/24/2023 and 1 other media outlet

Marina Andrea Welker


Conference celebrates 40 years of Andean studies at Cornell

A&S Communications -- 11/22/2023

Matthew Velasco


Chinese linguist Tsu-Lin Mei dies at 90

Cornell Chronicle -- 10/24/2023

Magnus Fiskesjö


Library publishes catalog on Jewish fables

Cornell Chronicle -- 10/17/2023

Jonathan Aaron Boyarin


Cornell University Should Work with Tribes to Mend the History of Its Massive Land Grab, Report Says

Native News Online -- 10/11/2023 and 1 other media outlet

Kurt A. Jordan


Panel to explore reported rights violations of Uyghur children

Cornell Chronicle -- 10/03/2023

Magnus Fiskesjö


All Things Equal

WHCU -- 10/03/2023

Kurt A. Jordan


Uyghur children in China’s genocide: A symposium

A&S Communications -- 10/02/2023

Magnus Fiskesjö


Global center promises design solutions for warming world

Cornell Chronicle -- 09/29/2023

Alex Nading


Cornell celebrates 15 years at the heart of CNY Humanities Corridor

A&S Communications -- 09/28/2023

Saida Hodžić


Hundreds of Armenian heritage sites at risk in Nagorno-Karabakh

A&S Communications -- 09/21/2023

Lori Khatchadourian, Adam T. Smith


Aliens found in Peru? Here's the story behind the photos presented at Mexico's Parliament (French)

Business News -- 09/14/2023 and 1 other media outlet

Matthew Velasco


Fulbright-Hays awardees prioritize community-engaged discoveries

Cornell Chronicle -- 09/14/2023

David Holmberg, Itamar Haritan, Ami Yayra Tamaklo


A love story that challenges nationalism in South Asia? Not so fast

Dawn -- 08/19/2023 and 2 other media outlets

Natasha Raheja


Engaged Opportunity Grants fund projects from Tompkins to Tanzania

Cornell Chronicle -- 08/02/2023

Stacey A. Langwick


Brother Mauro’s Map (audio)

Historically Thinking podcast -- 07/17/2023

Meredith Small


County Honors Gayogo̱hó:nǫɁ with Street Signs

Ithaca Times -- 07/13/2023

Kurt A. Jordan


Three A&S professors among finalists for Falling Walls summit

A&S Communications -- 07/06/2023

Lori Khatchadourian, Adam T. Smith


Dictators’ dark secret: They’re learning from each other

Washington Post -- 06/22/2023 and 3 other media outlets

Magnus Fiskesjö


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Chinese Companies’ Vanishing Acts in Xinjiang

The Diplomat -- 06/08/2023 and 7 other media outlets

Magnus Fiskesjö


Meredith Small Explains How a 15th-Century Venetian Monk Mapped the World and Saw the Future (audio)

Literary Hub -- 06/06/2023

Meredith Small


How a CCP Propaganda Campaign Targeted the Dalai Lama

The Diplomat -- 05/20/2023 and 1 other media outlet

Magnus Fiskesjö


$2.5M in A&S New Frontier Grants supports bold projects

Cornell Chronicle -- 05/17/2023

Lori Khatchadourian, Adam T. Smith, Sturt Manning


Nexus Scholars Program expands research opportunities to 101 students

A&S Communications -- 05/15/2023

Chloe Ahmann


Einaudi seed grants finding fertile soil

Cornell Chronicle -- 05/11/2023

Caitlín Eilís Barrett, Alex Nading


170 dead in village massacres - the expert: Russia and China can test their weapons (Swedish)

Expressen -- 04/18/2023 and 1 other media outlet

Magnus Fiskesjö


Radar, AI identify Alaska Native Spanish flu victims burial site

Cornell Chronicle -- 03/29/2023

Sturt Manning, Kurt A. Jordan 


Cornell Center for Social Sciences names 14 faculty fellows

Cornell Chronicle -- 03/15/2023

Natasha Raheja 

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