Student Groups

Cornell Anthropology Exchange

Anthropology is a vast and diverse academic field, and is typically divided into four sub-fields (in the US; some other national traditions are organized differently): archaeology, studying the human past through physical remains; biological anthropology, studying primates and human biology; sociocultural anthropology, focusing on culture and practices in contemporary societies, and linguistic anthropology, focusing on language and communication. Cornell Anthropology Exchange (CAE) is an undergraduate organization that aims to explore and encourage students interested in all these fascinating sub-fields through a diverse range of events, excursions, and forums. CAE meetings are fun and open to all -- come learn about the field of anthropology and what it means to be human!  Contact CAE advisor Fred Gleach to learn more about Cornell Anthropology Exchange.

Objectives of Cornell Anthropology Exchange include connecting students interested in Anthropology to each other, professors, and events around campus; enhancing students’ appreciation of anthropology through group discussion; promoting cultural awareness, and providing out of classroom experiences.

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

The Anthropology Graduate Student Association (AGSA) is an organization run by graduate students for graduate students. AGSA creates a space for graduate students in the Department of Anthropology to seek information and support throughout their training at Cornell. AGSA hosts social events, facilitates graduate student representation on the department committees, organizes seminars on intellectual topics of broad interest to students, and conducts professionalization workshops. 

Contact AGSA advisor Alex Nading to learn more.