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Minors in Anthropology

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The Anthropology Minor

The Minor in Anthropology is designed for any undergraduate at Cornell who wants to engage with sociocultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology or biological anthropology but cannot commit to a full academic major. No specific advisor is required; all departmental faculty are available to discuss students' plans for completing the Minor. Students can apply for the Minor at any time before the March 31st prior to their graduation; to be certified for the Minor, a student must submit a completed Minor Form and transcript to the Anthropology Director of Undergraduate Studies by this date.


  • Completion of five anthropology courses, worth 3 credits or more.

  • One of the five courses must be taken at the 1000- or 2000- level (FWS do not count).

  • Of the four additional courses, one must be at the 3000 level, and one must be a seminar at the 4000 level.

  • No S/U classes will be accepted; all classes must be taken for a letter grade.

  • Students must achieve a C- or better in all five courses taken to fulfill the minor.

One of the courses for the minor may be taken as transfer credit and one may be taken through study abroad. A minimum of three of the five required courses must be taken at Cornell.

To apply, complete and submit the Anthropology Minor Course Plan

Watch this "Anthropology Minor for Pre-Health Students" video to learn more about how Anthropology can help prepare students for a career in Medicine.