Doctoral student named Newcombe fellow

Doctoral candidate Emiko Stock is one of 21 students to be named a Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellow for 2017 by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

Stock is studying socio-cultural anthropology in the Department of Anthropology. Her dissertation, “Touching History: An Anthropology with Images: Cham / Sayyids / Cambodia / Iran” explores how some Cham Muslims of Cambodia go to Iran to further an image of history located between Sunnism to Shi'ism and therefore beyond sectarian divisions. Stock’s research interests include Muslim diversity in the modern world; cinematic representations of otherness and alternative modes of storytelling inspired by visual anthropology; the writing of ethnography; and surrealism.

Stock studied at The Royal University of Fine Arts (Phnom Penh) and Universeté de La Sorbonne (Paris) and received her masters in Khmer from INALCO (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, Paris) and in anthropology from the Université Paris X Nanterre before coming to Cornell.

The Newcombe fellowship is one of the largest and prestigious awards for doctoral candidates in the humanities and social sciences. As a part of the fellowship, Stock will receive an award of $25,000 to support her final year of dissertation work. The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation was founded in 1945 to support the next generation of American thinkers and leaders.

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