Featured Anthropology Major: Grace Staes '22

Grace Staes '22 shares her experiences majoring in anthropology as she prepares to graduate from Cornell.

I chose Anthropology because of professor Matthew Velasco's Ancient Health and Disease class that I took my sophomore fall. Up to that point, I was an undecided pre-med. I loved that class because it was a perfect blend of medicine, archeology and the humanities, which is what I had always wanted my college experience to be.

I am most proud of completing my senior honors thesis in anthropology, under the guidance of professor Stacey Langwick. It was the perfect way for me to cap my undergraduate studies in anthropology.

Looking to the future, after graduation, I will be moving to Chicago IL, to work as a medical assistant and applying to medical school. 

For Students in anthropology, the best piece of advice I have is to let anthropology be the frame for whatever you want to study. Let It be the back door to a problem so that your interventions can be new. 

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Grace Staes