Featured Anthropology Minor: Atif Akhter '22

Atif Akhter '22 is majoring in Biology and Society and minoring in Anthropology.  He shares his experiences and advice as he prepares for graduation.

My favorite class at Cornell has been Anthr 2410, South Asian Diaspora with Professor Munasinghe. It literally changed my life. I was able to explore my own South Asian identity and analyze theories related to the development of Desi cultural movements in the United States. 

For students considering a minor in Anthropology I would recommend taking Anthropology classes directly related to your own interests. Not only will exploring your own interests be extremely rewarding but it can also open you up to the possibilities of the Anthropology department. 

I'm excited to see where my background in Anthropology can take me. I've learned so much about the world through the minor and the skills I've picked up over the years will definitely help me in my future. 

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