Activism and Social Justice

Are you interested in making the world more just or in understanding how other people have tried to do so? Anthropology offers tools for analyzing causes and manifestations of injustice, both globally and in the United States, and will help you understand how people organize and educate one another to make the world a better place.  Courses examine human rights activism and advocacy, social movements, racial justice organizing, feminist activism, LGBTQ movements, NGOs, humanitarianism, and social justice education. You can learn to analyze these movements and gain a set of ethical orientations that can help transform your reflections into consequential action in the world.

Courses of interest in Activism & Social Justice:

  • ANTHR 1900 Global Engagements: Living and Working in a Diverse World  
  • ANTHR 2400 Cultural Diversity & Contemporary Issues
  • ANTHR 4437 Ethnographies of Development
  • ANTHR 4176 Humanitarian Affects 

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