Activism & Social Justice

Are you interested in making the world more just or in understanding how other people have tried to do so? The Activism & Social Justice pathway offers tools for analyzing causes and manifestations of injustice, both globally and in the United States, and will help you understand how people organize and educate one another to make the world a better place.  Courses examine human rights activism and advocacy, social movements, racial justice organizing, feminist activism, LGBTQ movements, NGOs, humanitarianism, and social justice education. On this pathway, you can learn to analyze these movements and gain a set of ethical orientations that can help transform your reflections into consequential action in the world.

Majoring in Anthropology via the Activism & Social Justice Pathway:

Sociocultural requirement:

  • Anthr 1400 The Comparison of Cultures OR
  • Anthr 2400 Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Issues

Archaeological requirement:

  • Anthr 1200 Ancient Peoples and Places

Biological requirement:

  • Anthr 2310 Natural History of Chimpanzees & the Origins of Politics
  • Anthr 3000 Introduction to Anthropological Theory

2 of the following 3000 level courses:

  • Anthr 3026 Inequality and the Global Economy;
  • Anthr 3232 Politics of the Past;
  • Anthr 3422 Culture, Politics, and Environment in the Circumpolar North;
  • Anthr 3451 Global Cultural Heritage;
  • Anthr 3620 A Global Controversy: How to Study a Human Rights Violation;

2 of the following 4000-level courses:

  • Anthr 4410 Indigenous Peoples, Ecological Sciences, and Environmentalism;
  • Anthr 4419 Anthropology of Corporations;
  • Anthr 4435 Postcolonial Science;
  • Anthr 4437 Development, Humanitarianism, and the Will to Improve;
  • Anthr 4462 Politics Beyond the State: Activism, Advocacy, and NGOs;

Anthr 4479 Ethnicity and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Perspective;

8 credits of electives that could include any of the 3000-level courses above or,

  • Anthr 2428 Slavery and Human Trafficking;
  • Anthr 2920 Drugs and Social Justice;
  • Other courses from Anthropology or other units with departmental approval.