For those with interests in cultural heritage, anthropology provides intensive training in approaches to the material remains of the past and their role in the contemporary world. Along this pathway, students come to understand cultural heritage from excavation to exhibit, learning how archaeology works to recuperate the past, how institutions like UNESCO decide what counts as heritage, and how museums shape our understandings of ourselves and one another. The anthropology of heritage not only explores who we were in the past, but also asks why the past matters today.

This pathway through the major could include these courses:

  • ANTHR 2465 Global Heritage 

  • ANTHR 3030 Community Engagement in Archaeology

  • ANTHR 3232 Politics of the Past

  • ARKEO 4020 Designing Archaeological Exhibits 

  • ANTHR 4222 Archaeological Ethics

  • ANTHR 4235 Meaningful Stuff: Interpreting Material Culture 

  • ANTHR 4240 Collecting Culture: Museums and Anthropology 

  •  ANTHR 4460 Heritage and its Entanglements 

  • Other courses from Anthropology or other units with departmental approval.