Amy Sky

PhD Student in Anthropology


Amy Sky came to Cornell after receiving her B.A. with a double major in Anthropology and Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of British Columbia. She is a paleoethnobotanist, interested in material culture in Near Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean contexts during the Bronze Age. Her research focuses on employing paleobotanical and biochemical methods to detect beer, wine, oil, and perfume in ceramic vessels, and examines the production, exchange, and consumption of botanical products. By analyzing how people have utilized plants to produce socially meaningful commodities, she seeks to investigate commensality, quotidian and ritual life, and the nature of social identities and inequalities in the Bronze Age. 

Amy is an active member of the Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environment (KAMBE) Project run by Sturt Manning (Cornell University) and Kevin Fisher (UBC) in Cyprus, which investigates social interaction and urbanization at two Late Bronze Age urban complexes.