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Anastasia Kotsoglou

Ph.D. Student in Anthropology

Anastasia Kotsoglou


Anastasia Kotsoglou is an archaeologist with a primary focus on Mesoamerica and the ancient Maya. She is a Field Director affiliated with an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Programme for Belize Archaeological Project where she also teaches field methods. Her doctoral work investigates human-landscape interactions, and how strategies of social maintenance manifest at times of sociopolitical and ecological stress during the Late/Terminal Classic period.

She employs various multiscalar datasets—ranging from elemental and microscopic analyses to regional geospatial statistics—to support holistic interpretations of past phenomena. More broadly, Anastasia is interested in theoretical (re)considerations of non-elite negotiations with larger political and ideological systems.

Some of her secondary foci include public engagement and accessibility, historical archaeology, anthropology of the body, and geoarchaeology. 


Mesoamerican Archaeology, Human-Landscape Interactions, Politics and Ideology 


  • Archaeology Program
  • Anthropology