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Bruno Seraphin


Bruno Seraphin is a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology interested in U.S. Indigenous-settler relations, narrative and strategy in environmental and climate justice movements, and human-environment entanglements in southern Appalachia.

His questions center on race, class, and the ways that environmentalist projects variously challenge and reinscribe practices of settler-liberal world building. Additional areas of inquiry include state, industry, and citizen responses to environmental justice movements and the relationship between U.S. settler colonialism and Anthropological knowledge production.

Originally from Massachusetts, Bruno is an award-winning filmmaker with a BFA in Film and Television from New York University and an MA in Folklore from the University of Oregon. His scholarship has been published in Western Folklore and the Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy.


Environmental Anthropology; settler colonialism; Indigenous studies; social movements; Visual Anthropology


  • Anthropology