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Christos Panagiotopoulos


As an interdisciplinary scholar, Christos spent his undergraduate and graduate years at the University of Paris-Sorbonne reading anthropology, archaeology, art history and philosophy. His intellectual curiosity lead him to ultimately focus on questions of epistemology and theory of mind. Through the discovery of the theory of mediation, or clinical anthropology, he is exploring the various aspects of axiological reasoning, encompassing ethics, aesthetics, the moral economy and sexuality.

Christos is also a member of the Laboratory for Rational Decision Making (Human Neuroscience Institute, College of Human Ecology), where under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Reyna he is training in empirical research, neuroscience and psychopathology.

Secondary interests : anthropology of art, memoirs and autobiographies



epistemology, axiology, psychopathology, philosophical anthropology, psychological anthropology, neuroscience, philosophy of mind, ethics, aesthetics, Europe


  • Anthropology