Kathryn March

Professor Emerita

Research Focus

  • anthropology, gender and social change in Himalayan Asia
  • the political and economic pressures on local ethnic communities
  • the different ways in which people relate their own experiences and reflections to larger cultural and esthetic frameworks, such as those of ritual, religion and song


Academic Articles

1999 Local Production/ Local Knowledge: Forced Labor From Below. Studies in Nepali History and Society 4(1):5-64.

1983 Weaving, Writing, and Gender. Man, New Series 18(4):729-744.


2002 If Each Come Halfway: Meeting Tamang Woman in Nepal. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press (CUP).

1995 Mutual Regards: America and Nepal Seen through Each Other’s Eyes. Kathmandu: Jivan Support Press.


2003 Two Houses and the Pain of Separation in Tamang Narratives from Highland Nepal. In Songs, Stories, Lives: Gendered Dialogues and Cultural Critique. Gloria Goodwin Raheja ,ed. Pp 134-172. New Delhi: Kali for Women.

1998 Engendered Bodies, Embodied Genders. In Selves in Time and Place: Identities, Experience, and History in Nepal. Debra Skinner, Alfred Pach III, and Dorothy Holland, eds. Pp 219-236. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

1998 Hospitality Women, and the Efficacy of Beer. In Food and Gender: Identity and Power. Carole Counihan and Steven L. Kaplan. Pp. 45-80. London: Routledge.

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