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Scott Sorrell


Scott Sorrell is a post-field PhD student whose research focuses on LGBT/Queer politics and the changing relations between public and private space in contemporary urban India. He conducted almost two years of fieldwork in Bangalore, India, which is the fastest growing metropolitan region of the country. While in Bangalore Scott worked with a range of queer community groups across lines of class, caste, and gender. His dissertation explores how sexual identities shape and are shaped by these other social factors, as well as the placemaking practices that work to cohere communities and locate them in the urban landscape.

Prior to enrolling at Cornell, Scott received his B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University, was a Fulbright Scholar in Nepal, and worked as a political observer for the Carter Center in Nepal as well.


Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Sexuality/ Queer Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, South Asia


  • Anthropology