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Sherene Baugher


photo of Sherene Baugher

Kennedy Hall, Room 440


As the first City Archeologist for New York City (1980-1990), I learned the importance of linking research and outreach, and developed an understanding of law, government and the role we can play in changing public policy. I am an academic archaeologist who is also concerned about civic engagment. Because of this background I am committed to incorporating service-learning into my teaching. I have been a leader in American urban archaeology and since coming to Cornell I had also raised the professional awareness of farmstead archaeology and landscape archaeology. I have helped raise the profile of American landscape archaeology within the Landscape Architecture profession. I work with planners, preservationists, and Native Americans to excavate and preserve endangered American Indian, colonial, and 19th-century archaeological sites.


  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology Program


As an interdisciplinary scholar I am involved in three fields within the university: landscape architecture, archaeology, and historic preservation. My publications and my conference papers reflect my interdisciplinary role within the Landscape Architecture Department. I have been and continue to be interested in research on status, class and ethnicity. The way I approach cultural landscape studies involves the analysis of the social, political, economic, religious, and ideological factors which have effected land-use and site design in North American communities (US and Canadian).


Selected Journal Publications

  • Baugher, S. B., & Frantz, G. (2013). The Inlet Valley Project: Reflections on an Early Model for Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Service-Learning Courses in Landscape Architecture. Landscape Journal. 32:113-130.
  • Baugher, S. B. (2010). The Archaeology of the Matron’s Cottage: a Household of Female Employees at Sailors’ Snug Harbor, Staten Island, New York. Northeast Historical Archaeology. 37:1-20.
  • Baugher, S. B. (2010). “Landscapes of Power: Middle Class and Lower Class Power Dynamics in a New York Charitable Institution”. International Journal of Historical Archaeology. 14:475-497.
  • Veit, R. F., Baugher, S. B., & Scharfenberger, G. P. (2009). Historical archaeology of Religious Sites and Cemeteries. Historical Archaeology. 43:1-11.
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