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Tim McLellan


Tim’s PhD research investigates the work of agri-environmental scientists at The Institute for Farms and Forests (IFF) in Southwest China. Pressure from donors, as well as from IFF’s senior management, mean that scientists at IFF are increasingly adopting novel management tools like ‘theory of change’ and ‘outcomes mapping’ that allow scientists to design impactful research, as well as to measure the achievement of planned-for impacts. These are tools that are increasingly prevalent in a broad range of organizations from research institutes and universities to charities and development organizations. Building upon the frustrations the scientists he studied in China experienced in coming to terms with these management tools, Tim is exploring how the bureaucratization of science is shaping expectations for how scientists relate to society, the environment, and to each other.  

Tim has a B.A. in Law and Chinese from The School of Oriental and African Studies, and an MSc in Law and Anthropology from The London School of Economics. His PhD field research was funded by a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. Tim is currently writing up, and expects to graduate in 2018.



Science, Bureaucracy, Temporality


  • Anthropology